Parikia marina is located is at the west side of Paros island. Be careful when approaching the bay, as there is a small number of little islands, reefs and rocks.

  • Portes islands: two in number with a light (F1(2) 16s5m)
  • Petrocaravo: a submerged rock difficult to sea in rough seas
  • Vouves: low-lying with a reef on the NE and a reef 3 meters over it, 0,2NM at the SW
  • Ag. Spyridonas: High and jagged rocks with white church on one of them
  • Dhrepani: Low-lying
  • Kaki skala and Peponas: Low-lying further inside the bay

There are enough mooring lines inside the marina but if there is not enough space you can drop your anchor outside and come stern to the dock.

The port of Parikia is in a walking distance near the marina and the bus station which connects the villages and beaches of the island is at the north of the town.

Facilities and Services

  • Entrance marina navigation lights
  • Water supply
  • No electricity
  • Fuel supply
  • ATM and banks
  • Provision(supermarkets)


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